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Power Tutorial

We have substantially revised and improved the WISE tutorial on statistical power. The new tutorial includes improved exercises with more feedback, plus supplemental materials on calculations and demonstrations. The earlier version is still available at legacy power tutorial.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

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At USCOTS (United States Conference on Teaching Statistics), we presented on "An Interactive Web-Based Tutorial to Teach Correct Interpretations of Confidence Intervals."

Amanda and Justin at USCOTS 2011.

Also at USCOTS, we presented preliminary findings from a meta analysis on the implementation of GAISE (Guidelines for Assessment and
Instruction in Statistics Education
) in computer-based statistics instruction. Sponsored by the American Statistical Association, GAISE suggest ways to improve introductory statistics courses.

Technology Aids Statistics Instruction!

Our meta-analysis demonstrating the efficacy of computer-aided statistics is now available: Sosa, G., Berger, D. E., Saw, A. T., & Mary, J. C. (2011). Effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction in statistics: A meta-analysis. Review of Educational Research, 81, 97-128.

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Last revised: March 1, 2012